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Intrachain - The World's First Process Mining Software with Integrated Blockchain


Every day we produce data, whether it's from activities that we do in the real world or on the internet. Surely we produce data, whether it's ordinary data or sensitive data that contains personal or company information.

But you need to know, that each of these data can be a commodity that is more valuable than oil. Yes, data is estimated to be a more valuable commodity replacing oil and gas. With the data collected, a company can grow even bigger or even a President can be elected. That is why data is a very valuable commodity.

Data security is very important for individuals or companies today. Why? of course you don't let any party use your sensitive data for their needs. Or more dangerous is that sensitive data is spread to the public, which will cause losses.

Simply put in the technological era as it is today, data that is owned by individuals or companies is an asset that should be kept authentic and confidential. You might not expect your data to be used by someone else, so to maintain that data you might use an antivirus or something similar. But this is not enough, there are many other loopholes that can be infiltrated by crackers to retrieve your data, so additional protection is needed to maximize your data security, especially for companies that have large amounts of sensitive data.
Intrachain: The World's First Process Mining Software with Integrated Blockchain

Intrachain is a platform that focuses on securing data for both individual users and companies. Intrachain uses a smart system that is integrated with blockchain technology, where each data will be collected and stored on the blockchain.

Blockchain will ensure that each user data is stored securely and free from interference from other parties so that the authenticity and security of user data are guaranteed.

By using Intrachain, users will be able to efficiently store their data, help save budget requirements for data management, and help companies get accurate data needed to make decisions. So that the company can focus on important things.
Intrachain Solutions
  • Significant Cost Savings: As posting are booked and reconciled automatically, manual interaction can be significantly reduced.
  • Higher Data Security: As transactions are mined, encrypted and stored on a decentralized network, sensitive company data are safely stored.
  • Better Data Quality: The process mining engine captures the relevant data. No estimations or guessing.
  • Accurate intra-group transactions: As data consistent, there are no more contradictory postings.
Intrachain's Private Decentralized Blockchain.
Intrachain uses blockchain technology to secure user data. Blockchain technology is used because this technology runs decentralized and is free from data manipulation. So that Intrachain can develop into the intragroup version of the blockchain keeps all the advantages of a publicly distributed secure storage with no center of transaction confirmation.

The Intrachain system operates with two types of data: transaction data and smart contracts stored on the decentralized blockchain (on every node in the network). Transaction details and mapping data (wallets addresses, payment details and more), however, are securely stored only on the company-owned Intrachain Server. This data will not be distributed over the network. The design of this solution is simple, but very secure, balancing decentralized data and safe storage of sensitive company information.

In Conclusion
Intrachain allows people to be able to store data safely and securely on the blockchain network. So that both personal users and companies can store and manage their data on the decentralized network, allowing each data to be managed properly, and increasing data accuracy for business purposes.
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