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The Government Network - The First Decentralised Borderless Nation

 The Government Network

Everyone must have their own perspective on government. Some say that the government is important, and some say that the government is not important in a country. But we must not rule out the fact that the government regulates national stability and security. With the existence of a sovereign government, a country can be safe and under control.

But we do not dismiss the fact that often the decisions of a government are detrimental to its citizens, even though they consider that the decisions is the best, but not for its citizens.
The government also causes a country to be closed or open to the outside world, as experienced by South and North Korea. These two countries were originally a single entity, but because there were differences in political perspectives caused by the influence of other countries, in the end, the country was split in two.


So that there arises an opinion regarding "Governance" and "Good Governance", which says that Governance and Good Governance is a thing that has the same purpose but its meaning is different. Governance refers more to individuals and institutions, public and private, managing their common affairs. While Good Governance refers to public administration processes that maximize public interest. Good governance has 6 essential namely; Legitimacy, Transparency, Accountability, Rule of law, Responsiveness, and Effectiveness. Public always wants their government to apply "Good Governance" rather than just "Governance". However, it is unfortunate that most of the governments have not been able to implement the 6 essential points of Good Governance so that misunderstandings and distrust often occur between citizens and the government.

Therefore, The Government Network wants to become the first decentralized borderless country in the world. Which will bring stability and justice to the lives of its citizens through technology.
The Government Network has 3 core tasks, namely; To innovate governance by providing pioneering solutions, for creating governance systems from underground to people, and implementing our governance solutions as a prime example for other governments. Government Network sincerely wants to complete these 3 core tasks, so that a borderless nation that provides stability and justice for its citizens can be truly realized.
Getting Started Development
The Government Network by a team that is experienced and professional, which has a goal to develop a borderless nation, which will provide stability and justice for its citizens through technology. The Government Network will attract citizens who are dissatisfied with their government, which wants a nation with rules that make more sense and do not conflict with their lives.

Technology will play an important role in the development of The Government Network. Because as previously explained, technology and blockchain will become prominent. And it should be noted that The Government Network is free of charge for those who want to become citizens.
3 Cores Tasks of The Government Network
  • To innovate governance by providing pioneering solutions
The Government Network DAO’s specifications and decentralized applications (Dapps) to be developed, will target towards solving or improving a variety of processes that are inherent to a successful rule of law.
  • To create a governance system from the ground up by the people for the people
The citizens will organically establish the rule of law under the Government Network, a palpable governance system will be construed starting with the constitutional convention which will take place after the Crowdsale.
  • Implement our governance solutions as leading examples for other governments to adopt
Through active pursuance of the implementation of our governance solutions around the globe, the Government Network will create an environment allowing its citizens to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.
In Conclusion
Government regulations that are increasingly stringent and limit the movement of citizens, cause many people to become dissatisfied with their government and want a government that truly cares for the stability and justice of its citizens without ignoring that its citizens are human, not a robot.
The Government Network intends to create a borderless nation, which will provide stability and justice for its citizens through technology. The aim is to build a nation, which operates on a decentralized model of government, which provides opportunities for anyone to be able to join and empower people with the ability to achieve their goals independently through the power of technology.
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