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Sovren - Trade. Pay. Borrow. Play.

Investment is the right choice for everyone. By investing, everyone will get the opportunity to make their lives better. Benjamin Franklin once said that investing in knowledge is the best, but does investing in knowledge forever benefit? Is investing in gold, shares, etc., not profitable? This assumption is not always right or wrong. The main purpose of the investment is to make a profit, no one in the world wants that after they invest, their assets will be lost or suffer losses. The most important thing about investment is not to suffer losses. Conducting research, learning, and analysis needed before making any investment decisions is the most important and must be done by an investor.

Currently, investment options are increasingly diverse and accessible, ranging from Gold, fixed deposits, Real estate, etc. So investors do not need to be confused or hesitant to choose the investment option that suits them.

But that does not mean investment does not have a problem. Problems that exist on investment platforms often make it difficult for investors. Starting from government regulations, up to the security of assets, are problems experienced by investors.

These problems will be solved by the Blockchain-based Investment platform, Savron. Savron is a Trading App, a Hybrid Securities Exchange, Lending Platform & Integrated Wallet, Payments, Custodial Service for Institutions, or in other words Savron is the world's first wealth management platform with a full suite of solutions for traditional trading assets and securities.

Savron allows investors to be able to invest comfortably, safely and easily, through a safe and trustworthy architecture. Savron adopts a crypto and blockchain system, which has proven safe and also speeds up transactions from users at a lower cost. Moreover, Savron uses the latest technology solutions powered by AI and Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), so users can use Savron easily and safely.

Getting Started Development
Savron is developed by a professional team, which aims to develop an investment platform that focuses on user experience, customer support, and ease of investment. The clean and simple Savron interface makes it easy for users to navigate every feature of Savron.
The following are the reasons why Savron is different;
  • Easy to use app designed for new traders with AI-based learning support.
  • No fees - 0% trade with the Commission.
  • Buy / Sell - Stocks, Gold, Securities and more on the same app in no more than 3 Taps.
  • Intuitive and hassle-free trading - designed for busy millennials.
  • Artificial Intelligent Virtual Assistant - Zova assisting traders.
  • Instant Settlement and cash access. Secure Loans via credit cards are linked to portfolio value.
  • Sovren Exchange providing secure, fair, regulated hassle free trading experience. - Customers own the assets hence suitable for short term and long term traders.
Savron Solutions
  • Mobile App and Web Interface: The Sovren Mobile App is ONE app for trading in BOTH real-world assets AND crypto.
  • AI and RPA Trading: AI and ML can provide tools for traders that can help to significantly improve decision-making for investment and risk management strategies.
  • Payment Gateway: Sovren will make it easy for merchants to accept fiat and cryptocurrencies as a payment with a simple to use API interface and the option for instant crypto to fiat conversion.
  • Security: Sovren determined to put the best mechanisms in place to protect investor assets from both internal and external threats,
In Conclusion
Savron is the first wealth management platform in the world that allows various investment, payment and trading options to be in one roof, which is designed using a sophisticated architecture with the support of blockchain and AI technology. With this combination of components, it allows Savron to run safely and reliably. So that investors can invest their funds or make transactions safely and comfortably, without the need to feel difficulties or worry about the security of their assets, because Savron has solved all the problems.
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