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IOVO - Internet Of Value Omniledger

Every day human activities produce data, starting from their activities on the internet, work, or whatever. Each of these activities can be used as valuable data for people or companies. With these data, companies or individuals can use it for business development, learning or other purposes.
Even the researchers say that data is the most valuable resource, replacing oil and gas.

However, data held by individuals or companies cannot be guaranteed to be safe and secure. There is always the threat of hacking and misuse of data by irresponsible parties. Because as we know that there are currently a lot of threats from hackers who target individual or company data.

In addition, not all data spread on the internet has proof of ownership. So that the data owner feels aggrieved when the data he has is spread and used by other parties for certain purposes without their consent.

IOVO is a platform that will solve problems related to data owned by individuals or companies. IOVO will be universal, secure, and transparent data ownership and exchange system. Its mission is to promote individual human value.

IOVO stands for Internet of Value Omniledger, a blockchain based platform. IOVO creates a system where organizations or individuals can manage their data quickly and easily.

Ownership, monetization, distribution, etc. related to data will be managed through IOVO. Which is in accordance with the vision of the IOVO "Own your data, be your own data".
Getting Started Development
The idea of IOVO appeared at the beginning of 2017 with the spirit of "Own your data, be your own data". Further development such as team building and research, etc. was carried out in Q2-Q4 2017. Until now IOVO will conduct a token sales program. And at the beginning of 2019 IOVO will begin operations.

IOVO is developed by bringing a vision to create a network ecosystem where every data generated by individuals or organizations becomes data that can be proven validity and ownership. In addition, the data generated can also be managed properly and safely, through a network of databases that have been designed in such a way.

IOVO has 3 philosophies which are the basis of this platform. The 3 philosophies are:
  • Human data is human value. It is the record of our lives. Our every move, every word - written or said - generates data. Everything we generate, transfer and share, is our life trace and an important part of our freedom.
  • We have no ownership and no control over our data. It is taken away from us the moment it is created - stored, controlled and managed by someone else.
  • IOVO is here to secure and give back the personal ownership and control over one's data, as well as the freedom to monetize it. Because data ownership is XXI century freedom.

    How it Works?
IOVO Solutions
  • IOVOanalytics
IOVOanalytics is an overlay application to search for data and insights within the IOVO network database system. All searches and queries are limited to data which users have consented to share. A modern, user-friendly interface enables fast and easy communication with the IOVO network. Users can collect interesting data needed for simple or multi-level analysis. IOVOanalytics manages data and simultaneously charges for searching the network, allowing users to easily monetize the data they share. IOVOanalytics provides access to the whole range of possibilities of the IOVO network in a single application. The IOVOanalytics app is aimed at companies and researchers, facilitating access to data collected via a wide range of applications.
  • IOVOdatabase
In addition to providing data protection, the IOVO network functions as a database, collecting data from all applications that are built or based upon it. Due to the variety of applications and their fast pace of growth in time, the IOVO network has the potential to become the largest database from various fields available in one place via the IOVO network.
  • Influnomy
Influnomy seamlessly pro- Latty vides users with vouchers when they provide social media content and data requested by brands or services. Vouchers can be used for discounts or traded on the blockchain-powered marketplace.
  • Flatty
Flatty connects roommates who want to share a home via their shared preferences. It manages the leasing terms and also serves as a small-scale social network. Flatty uses tokens to settle bill payments among roommates. User and property data are protected by the IOVO network.
  • Dropp
Dropp news is a glocalization app that lets users link information to particular locations. Users publish photos or video coverage of events such as festivals, accidents, or other breaking news to create a social timeline of a place. The data is linked to a location and secured by the IOVO network. Other users can access these sources using tokens.
  • IOVObanks
IOVObanks is an innovative banking system to help users manage their spending and investments.
AI-assisted computation based on IOVO scorings provides users with leads for services, such as purchasing a home or leasing a car. Transactions are carried out using tokens.
In Conclusion
IOVO is the first blockchain-based platform in the world that allows individual or company data to be controlled properly. IOVO allows users and companies to own their data and decide what are the terms and conditions via their personal data wallet. IOVO is able to store user data and encrypt it, so there is no word of abuse or data manipulation because only users can access their data. With this clear vision and mission, IOVO believes it has the capability to become a leader in the global data industry.
Token Sales

Important Links
Website : http://iovo.io/
Bitcointalk Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1112636
Bitcointalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4509519.0
Twitter : https://twitter.com/iovoledger
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iovoledger
Telegram: https://t.me/iovoledger
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