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GG World Lottery - Fully Online, Transparent, Legal and Government-regulated lotteries

Maybe some of us already know what a lottery is, or some of you get a jackpot today? If so, congratulations to you. But for those of you who experience losses today don't be sad, because the opportunity to win will always be available.

The lottery for some people is a game that is a waste of money because they think that your chance to lose is greater than your chance to win. But this assumption is not always true. Many people have proven that the lottery is not just a game of "luck", the lottery is a game that successfully changes the lives of many people for the better. For example in the case, when one of your members gets sick and you have no money, luckily on that day you also get a jackpot from the lottery you buy. Of course, the lottery was the savior at that crucial moment.


According to Wikipedia.org, lotteries were common in the United States and some other countries during the 19th century (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lottery). So it can be said that the lottery industry has existed in the world for approximately two centuries. During this time, lottery platforms also innovated in terms of the technology and services they provide. Examples include using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology on several lottery platforms.

As is known that blockchain technology allows the system to run transparently and free from manipulation. Cryptocurrency allows every transaction made by users to be processed quickly and safely.

This combination is very suitable with the current situation, where users want a lottery platform that is transparent and free of manipulation, and payment gates that allow them to be able to make transactions safely and quickly.
Introducing: GG World Lottery
GG World Lottery is a blockchain based online lottery platform. Unlike traditional lottery platforms, which still use old technology that is outdated and prone to manipulation. GG World Lottery uses blockchain and smart-contract ethereum, to make lottery games run safer and free of manipulation.

GG World Lottery focuses on providing a lottery system that is free of manipulation and a better approach to users. Because it is known that many lottery platforms currently ignore users, by manipulating their games, which is very detrimental to users. However, using blockchain and smart-contract ethereum technology is not possible, because the blockchain does not allow changing or manipulating recorded data.

Not only does it provide transparent and fair lottery services, but GG World Lottery is also more than that. GG World Lottery also focuses on empowering partner countries and investors, by sharing profits in an honest and fair manner. This is the value of the GG World Lottery, compared to similar platforms that do not empower their partners, users, and investors.
GG World Lottery Overview
Real and working white label and lottery software available to everybody before the crowdsale
Head to lottopark.com or lottomat.com and play your favorite lotteries right now. That's right - we are already a big player in the lottery world and our lotteries will be available to you before the crowdsale. Invest in something real!
GG World Lottery CEO Mark Hutchinson was a member of a founding State of Lotto America, which became Powerball
He globally participated in over 25 lottery market start-ups. Merging his lottery knowledge with GG's software and marketing experience provides everything needed to run multiple successful governments regulated lotteries.
We are setting up multiple online national lotteries starting from Africa, South America, and Asia
We already have signed over ten NDA agreements with official regulatory bodies in countries from these continents.
Our lotteries will be transparent and certified by Gaming Laboratories International
We have figured out a unique draw system that will provide truly random numbers based on the natural randomness of the world, taking advantage of quantum physics, along with the draw transparency provided by Ethereum Smart Contracts technology
The first global TV show - a world event with lottery players from around the planet
Monthly, one person from each jurisdiction will be chosen for possible participation in the bi-annual GG World Show TV event.
Receive a lifetime revenue share based on every Jackpot prize win
All token-holders will receive a lifetime revenue share based on every GG World Lottery Jackpot prize win.
In Conclusion
GG World Lottery is a blockchain based lottery platform in the world that allows lottery games to run transparently and free of manipulation. With the help of a reliable and experienced team, making GG World Lottery a very reliable platform for dealing with various challenges and problems in the global lottery industry. And the revenue sharing system that cares for partners, users and investors globally, makes GG World Lottery a lottery platform that is highly recommended for users or investors globally.
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