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TOPEX - Exchange With Profit Distribution to Token Holders

The topex.io trading platform is a complex method that allows to simplify work on an exchange and minimize losses in case of unsuccessful trades. Topex.io creates the necessary conditions for transparency, convenience, and simplicity with minimal risks for traders. Fast and affordable crypto-currency deposit/withdrawals increase the likelihood of its introduction into everyday life by reducing the barriers to entering cryptology. With the Topex.io trading platform risks associated with trading are decreasing, allowing traders to save finances in case of errors. In this document, you will be acquainted with the features of the Topex.io trading platform.

Getting Started Development
If we put Cryptocurrency with Exchange, maybe we will be able to judge that Exchange has a role in the circulation of cryptocurrency, whether it's buying or selling, almost all of it is done through the Exchange platform. The cryptocurrency exchange platform is clearly different from the general platform exchanges but has the same functionality as traditional exchange platforms. Usually, the cryptocurrency exchange platform uses a centralized or decentralized system, for example, such as the Binance, Kraken, and so on.

The advantage that makes people happy in transacting on the cryptocurrency exchange platform is the identity of the user is kept confidential, in other words anonymous. This way anyone doesn't know the identity of the crypto buyer or seller. In addition, another advantage is that every transaction made by the user will be processed quickly, difficult to hack, and users are given the freedom to control their own assets. This advantage makes many people start to switch from trading currencies to cryptocurrency.

But on the other hand, there are some problems that still exist in the cryptocurrency exchange platform that is the difficulty for some people to be able to use this service, limited features, and functionality, as well as the many scamming cases that occur, making the image of the cryptocurrency exchange platform decrease.

But we must not rule out the fact that until this year the transactions that took place in the cryptocurrency exchange platform increased, so it can be concluded that public interest in cryptocurrency remains high, only the facilities are limited.

Therefore Topex.io comes as a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is able to have a real impact on its users, by giving them the distribution of daily profits between TPX token holders and compensation for trading losses. With a system like this, Topex.io wants to restore public confidence in the cryptocurrency exchange platform that is easy, safe and supports them.
TOPEX Solutions
  • Profit distribution

    TPX holders will be receiving daily passive income from exchange profit.
  • Compensations
    Trade without fear of lose your investments in the crypto. Compensation Fund will be used to partially cover trade losses.
  • Earn TPX
    Create a paid subscription to your portfolio and participate in the best trader rating.
TOPEX Features
  • User Interface
    Widely customizable interface that allows you to delete or move all the items since it's convenient for you to work as you are used to. You can create a completely custom interface from the various elements that you need. The main points in convenience relate primarily to ease, simplicity, efficiency, reliability, and productivity in the use of the interface. Customizing the interface makes it possible to adapt to the requirements of different users.
  • CryptoPortfolio
    The built-in cryptoportofolio in the platform will enable you to track all changes in profit, share information on a purchased coin with other users without authorization. Making transactions for buying or selling all information will be recorded and displayed in your portfolio.
  • Security

    The Topex.io exchange not only offers a multifunctional financial instrument, but it is also one of the most secure exchanges, the security of which is based on a distributed method using neural networks. It is planned to use the multidimensional distributed technology of storing keys, password used to work with the accounts of the exchanges.
  • Money Save

    The Topex.io exchange model allows you to hedge volatility risks for traders through loss-compensation transactions. Compensation for losses is realized through redistribution of the fourth part of the commission fee of the exchange between the bidders. The amount of compensation is directly proportional to the volume of funds for a specific transaction. The fewer transactions are closed at a loss, the higher the percentage of the compensation fund goes to each of the participants.
In Conclusion
When other cryptocurrency exchange platforms try to take the maximum profit from their customers, Topex.io is different. The objectivity of Topex.io is to reduce risk and all kinds of obstacles when entering the cryptocurrency market, and the main goal is to allow everyone to be able to invest and try his or her opportunities in trading. So that everyone feels empowered and fully supported by the cryptocurrency exchange platform he or she uses, and in the end, this will solve the problems that exist in most cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
Topex.io issues tokens called TOKENS TPX. This token functions as the internal currency of the Topex.io platform. By using this token, users will get benefits that bring benefits to their owners. This token uses the ERC20 token system that can be traded freely.

Topex Tokens will be available for sale on September 19, 2018. During the Public Crowdsale, 5000 TPX tokens will be credited for 1 ETH. Each stage of the sale implies additional bonuses. During the ICO we will sell 70% of the total amount of tokens.

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Website : https://topex.io/
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Telegram: https://t.me/topexio


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