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Poseidon - Imagine You Could Save The Planet With Every Purchase

Poseidon is an environmentally friendly platform, which allows people to be able to change the negative environmental impacts of every purchase they make into positive climate action. The solution offered by Poseidon allows transact grams of carbon credits to be integrated directly into the retail sector. With a system like this allows retailers to be able to offer carbon credits for each of their products and services, which is to reduce and balance their negative climate impact and allows people to be able to make micro-donations to forest conservation projects with measurable impacts.

Getting Started Development
There are several causes of recent climate change, but all have something in common people. Recent warming is a side effect of many things that people do like driving cars, heating homes, running factories, and transforming forests into towns. Our landfills and farm animals are to blame for recent climate change too.

The negative effects of human activities make the environment unhealthy and have a negative impact on human health, because it is contaminated with many chemicals or air pollution (CO2).

Activities such as replanting, recycling, avoiding the use of plastic materials, and other actions continue to be promoted by individuals, non-profit organizations and the government. But this action alone cannot stop the impact of environmental change. This can be proven by the Antarctic and Arctic ice that continues to melt every day, which affects sea level.

Changes in the way land is used also have an impact on climate. For example, when trees and other plants are cut down to make way for new buildings or parking lots, climate warms because less carbon dioxide is taken out of the atmosphere without the plants. Plus, the asphalt and buildings tend to hold onto more heat than forests and fields, so when warmed by the Sun, they stay warm for some time.

There will be more global warming is in our future according to the results of computer models summarized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the IPCC - a group of hundreds of experts from more than 100 countries organized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The IPCC predicts we will see about 0.2° Celsius warming for the next two decades. If we continue to emit as many, or more, greenhouse gases, this will cause far more warming during the 21st Century than we saw in the 20th Century. During the 21st Century, various computer models predict that Earth’s average temperature will rise between 1.8° and 4.0° Celsius (3.2° and 7.2° F) depending largely on how humans change the ways they live on the planet.

This cannot be allowed continuously, there must be a large contribution from the public so that the mitigation of global climate change can be increased and expanded. And the Poseidon Platform is reliable for this problem.

Poseidon (https://poseidon.eco/) is an environmentally friendly platform that allows people to be able to contribute to the problem of environmental change. Poseidon through this platform invites people to spread positive impacts on the environment by making micro-donations to the products and services they use. Retailers will be able to perform transact grams of carbon credits, where carbon credits will be charged to each product and service they have that has a negative climate impact.

Every micro-donation that has been made, will be directly processed and secured using blockchain technology. By using blockchain technology, allowing the entire process to be carried out more safely and transparently.

So it is expected that with this system, customers will have a measurable contribution to the global climate change campaign.
Poseidon Solutions
  • Ensuring quality
    We and our partners envision, it will be crucial to only offer the highest quality of carbon credits and only support the best carbon projects with our blockchain solution.
  • Raising awareness
    In order to ensure that climate change and the role carbon credits play in the fight against it are well understood, we will also be running global marketing campaigns that will raise awareness and provide people with the facts to make an educated decision about their everyday choices.
  • Customer engagement through our mobile app
    To provide an engaging experience for consumers, we are creating a mobile app that will display purchase details, their respective carbon footprint, and - most importantly - details of the specific carbon credits that were acquired with them.
  • Bringing customers and projects closer together
    We will select the top carbon emission reducers from all consumers who have been offsetting their retail purchases using the Poseidon platform and invite them on a unique visit of one of the projects that we have supported as a community.

In Conclusion
Poseidon as a platform that is very concerned about global climate change invites the public to be able to care about global climate change by making micro-donations for each of their products and services that have a negative impact on the climate. With this type of action, it is possible for forest conservation projects or global climate change campaigns to continue to be promoted and developed, which will have a major impact on global climate change.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
Poseidon wants to invite crypto-enthusiasts and investors to be able to join and build the Poseidon platform to be even bigger. The ICO will take place on 2018-11-03 - 2018-12-09, it is hoped that crypto-enthusiasts and investors will not waste this opportunity because at First Fundraiser, Poseidon managed to sell OCEAN tokens as many as 13,462,275 tokens.

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