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Azbit - Blockchain Investment Banking

Azbit is a blockchain-based financial and banking platform that provides banking and investment services for crypto projects or private users. The services provided by the Azbit platform are not much different from financial services and banking in general, the only difference being that the system used by Azbit is using blockchain, which has proven security and transparency, and Azbit only provides services for the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: The beginning
Cryptocurrencies may already be known by most people around the world. Since the popularity of Bitcoin in 2009 to this day, many people are still interested and curious about what cryptocurrency is. If we explain the history of the development of cryptocurrency, it might take a long time, because from the beginning to the present cryptocurrencies and their system (blockchain) still get the rejection from many parties. But despite this, cryptocurrencies remain a revolutionary breakthrough in the global financial system.

Maybe for some people, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are complicated and confusing systems, but if we look deeper, we will find that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are systems that are very intelligent and needed by various industries in the world, such as health, finance, transportation, etc. An example is that someone can send money to other users quickly, safely and cheaply using cryptocurrency. Not only that, the sender's profile cannot be known or anonymous. This is just one benefit that cryptocurrencies and blockchain can provide to the public, there are many more benefits available.

Besides that, the cryptocurrency market is also very potential and profitable, which attracts many people to be able to switch and use cryptocurrency as their financial and investment choices.
Speaking of financial services, the evolutionary mechanism of cryptocurrency and blockchain has been recognized by banks. Even blockchain has begun to be applied to major banking services, such as CitiBank, Santander, and UBS. This proves that cryptocurrency and blockchain are revolutionary systems.
Azbit: Reliable Blockchain-Based Financial Platform
Azbit is a blockchain-based financial and banking platform, which has various features and services such as; banking service and payment processing, multi-currency exchange and investment platform. Azbit OU is registered in Estonia and Switzerland, so that permits and legality can be justified.
The solution provided by Azbit is unhindered access to the cryptocurrency market. Which is where the crypto project or private users will get the best service and not burden them, such as legality, licensing, etc.

The following is the solution provided by Azbit:
  • Azbit will eliminate the complexity of regulation.
  • Own banking license, which will make it easier for users.
  • Multi Exchanges that provide various features that will benefit users.
  • An investment platform specifically designed for investors or traders, which will facilitate them in managing their assets.
After knowing the solution provided by Azbit, then the next is the Azbit service functionality:
  • Banking;
    •   Account opening and servicing
  • Account services and payments (SWIFT, SEPA)
  • Payments and accounts in national currencies
  • Fiat payment services
  • Fiat deposits for Azbit services
  • Custodial accounts
    •   Segregated accounts
    •   Market-rate currency exchange
    •   Payment cards
  • Issuing and processing debit cards / Contactless payments
    •   Cryptocurrency portfolio-backed P2P lending
    •   B2B services (white label, API)
    •   Brokerage (forex, stocks)
  • Multi-currency exchange:
    •   A hybrid operating structure: full integration of a traditional centralized structure and a decentralized exchange under a single platform
    •   A wide range of trading tools
    •   crypto-crypto trading
    •   crypto-fiat trading
    •   security token trading
    •   a decentralized trading (DEX) module
  • Investment platform
    •   CopyTrade accounts
    •   ShareTrade accounts
    •   Portfolio Management accounts
After reading the solutions and functionality of Azbit, you certainly can already imagine how the future prospects of this platform in the cryptocurrency market, plus the support of Roger Ver, the founder of Bitcoin.com adds to Azbit's confidence in moving forward.
In Conclusion
The complexity in regulation, management, etc. in the cryptocurrency market should not have to happen, because we know that users want the best service, which avoids them from the difficulty of managing matters relating to financial and banking services.

Azbit is the solution to this problem. Azbit will remove the complexity in regulation or other matters related to financial and banking services so that users can enter financial markets unhindered.
And it is hoped that Azbit will become a financial and banking platform that can be relied on by users, which will provide something new in the financial world.
Token Sales
Azbit will hold a token sales program, which will attract investors to join together to help develop the Azbit platform even bigger. Token sales program will last for 4 months (1. Sep 2018 - 31. Dec 2018). It is expected that this sale will reach a hard cap of $ 28,901,376.

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