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KALC - Blockchain Reconstruct Technology Life

Koala’s Life is a decentralized Dapp that helps people, people, and institutions, people and assets to complete trust bridging; through blockchain encryption technology to better manage behavior data for users, to create a data ecological value trust platform, heavy Constitute human trust in life!
Getting Started Development
Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary discovery at this time. By bringing an anonymous and borderless spirit, cryptocurrency successfully makes people around the world transact without worrying about their identity or territorial boundaries. Besides that, cryptocurrency also carries a system called Blockchain. This system will record and secure all transactions that users do. This system was first introduced by Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that is very popular today.

The blockchain is the distributed ledger that keeps track of where each bitcoin is located and where it comes from. It makes forging new bitcoins impossible and it prevents people from spending the same bitcoins twice. It’s an essential part of Bitcoin.

One of the most promising areas for the blockchain is the sharing economy. A ledger that can keep track of the flow of digital coins can also follow the use of shared physical items such as bicycles, cars and even real estate. Ofo, one of China’s biggest city bike companies, announced in May that it would set up a blockchain research institute to look at how blockchain technology could improve the internet of things and facilitate big data.

In line with this, KALC was built as a platform that helps people, people, and institutions, people and assets to complete bridging trust by using blockchain technology as a basis for its development. KALC has several features that will help users, such as data mining, credit lending, and so on. Which will make blockchain technology more useful for everyday life.
KALC Solutions
Data Mining

As one of the important user incentives in koala's life, the POV (Proof-Of-Value) consensus scheme was adopted. Give and increase the power value based on the user's various value behavior activities (such as real-name registration, follow-up login, authorization data, etc.), and generate a token (KALC) to reward the user.

Credit Lending

Based on the characteristics of blockchain not tampering, mixed consistency, and self-management, combined with the trust ecosystem of Koala’s Life, it reshapes the user's true uniqueness.
Financial Services

Koala’s life is only used as a platform for information integration. Borrowing users can set their own interest rates and borrowing amounts on the platform, waiting for investors to bid within 24 hours. Each user's assets and each transaction information will be recorded in the blockchain, the data can not be deleted and falsified, the platform is fully automated, avoiding the mistakes and moral hazard generated by manual review.

Game Guessing

With the improvement of the trust ecosystem and the increasing and active users, Koala’s Life will launch a series of blockchain games such as hot games, competitive quiz, and quiz, using the prophecy mechanism to provide fair protection for all kinds of game quiz. Events will be organized on a regular basis, users can participate in winning rewards, and Token (KALC) can be redeemed in the Koala Mall.

Marriage and Dating

Decentralized dating services, visitors need to verify through the trust ecosystem to ensure that all users are real people in the real world, not fiction. Through the user's portrait, without directly revealing the underlying data, the user is provided with various labels based on the real world, so that all users can intuitively understand the behavior and characteristics of the other party in the real world.
Koala's Life APP
Koala's Life APP is an application developed by the KALC platform that will help users to be able to use the KALC platform easily through their smartphone. This application can be directly downloaded via the App Store or Google Play for free.
In Conclusion
KALC is a solution that will overcome the problem of trust in using blockchain technology in everyday life. KALC believes that blockchain can be a technology that is very useful for everyday life and KALC will make it even better than before.

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