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Rateonium - Rate, Trade, Invest!

Rateonium is a rating platform that will provide many benefits to users and companies. Rateonium through its platform intends to present an interactive, anonymous and trustworthy rating platform that is built using blockchain technology. Users can give their opinions related to a company, without worrying about their identity. Every opinion given by the user will be verified by Rateonium, if the opinion has passed the verification stage then that opinion will be rewarded with a number of tokens that the user can exchange. So it is expected that Rateonium can be a rating platform that can be trusted and profitable by users and companies around the world.

Getting Started Development
Every day maybe most of us spend time specifically for shopping, investing, or anything else through the internet. And, we often also find some opinions or reviews shared by other users regarding products or services provided by the merchant or company. There are negative and positive reviews.
Some platforms like Angie's List, Choice, or Trustpilot, are well-known rating platforms that allow people to be able to see ratings from hundreds of companies spread across the world. With this platform, it is easier for customers to choose products or services with proven quality by other customers.

But there are some reviews or opinions given by other users that cannot be proven or fake. Usually, this review or opinion drops/increases the image of products and services too much. The existence of these fake reviews or opinions often makes customers trapped and incorrectly choosing products or services.

This is what Rateonium wants to solve, a rating system that is more reliable and provides many benefits for users and companies. Rateonium uses blockchain technology, which will make this platform run more transparently and safely.

Rateonium allows users to be able to provide their reviews or opinions related to the company, product, service or other, which they use without worrying about their identity (anonymously). All opinions or reviews made by users will be verified by Rateonium. And then after the opinion has been verified, the user will get a reward.

With a system like this allows the company to get a quality rating from its customers. And allows users to get a number of incentives from the products or services they have reviewed.
Rateonium Goals
  • Review verification before publication.
  • Continuous, consistent customer acquisition.
  • Participation via subscription system.
  • Individual company presentation opportunities.
  • Extensive options for analysing reviews
  • Insulation of the Rateonium cryptocurrency from market fluctuations.
Advantages of using Rateonium
  • Easy to use application.
  • Security.
  • Authenticity.
  • Applicability.
  • Worthwhile.
  • Trust.
In Conclusion
The authenticity of the reviews made by the customer must be proven so that the fake review or opinion does not trap the customer, which is made solely to increase or decrease the level of sales of a product and service. Thanks to blockchain technology, Rateonium is able to build a rating platform that is truly trustworthy and has many benefits for users and companies around the world.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
RTC is a token issued by Rateonium and functions as the platform's internal currency. This token is planned to be sold in the token sales program to be held on Aug 25, 2018. Here is the information;

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