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Gem4me Market Space - The World’s Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me https://ico.marketspace.io/

Gem4me Market Space is the world's first trading platform that uses blockchain technology or is called: the world's first universal, decentralized e-commerce platform. The solution offered by Gem4me is a trading platform with cutting-edge technologies such as chat bots, blockchain protocols, smart fintech tools, and artificial intelligence, enabling people to buy and sell various goods, services and more easily, safely and freely.
Getting Started Development
If we talk about e-commerce, maybe what comes to mind first of all is Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba. Yes, that's only natural because these three platforms are the largest e-commerce platform in the world that already has tens or even hundreds of millions of users.

E-commerce was first introduced in 1994 when the first electronic banner was used for promotional and advertising purposes on a web page. According to Forrester Research, electronic commerce generated $ 12.2 billion in sales in 2003. According to another report in October 2006, non-travel online retail revenues in the United States were forecast to reach one quarter trillion USD in 2011. This proves that the accumulation of e-commerce markets is increasing every year.

The goal of a company using an e-commerce system is to achieve efficiency, increase their customer reach and earn more profits. This proves to be true because the e-commerce system can increase market exposure, lower operational costs, increase customer loyalty, and many others.

But the e-commerce industry still has an inevitable risk, such as online security, system reliability, privacy issues, customer disputes, and other issues. These problems are sometimes difficult for sellers and buyers to trust each other in dealing.

These problems are what Gem4me Market Space is trying to solve. As explained above, Gem4me Market Space is the first e-commerce platform in the world to use blockchain technology as the basis for its development. Thanks to secure and transparent blockchain technology, Gem4me Market Space can create a better e-commerce platform and be ready to revolutionize e-commerce systems to be more up-to-date and renewable. Besides blockchain technology, Gem4me Market Space also combines artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. It is hoped that Gem4me Market Space can be a solution to the problems that exist in today's e-commerce platform.
Gem4me Solutions
  • Smart Chatbots automate operations and simplify shopping for consumers and retailers.
  • Blockchain technology helps decentralize the Gem4me Market Space economy while ensuring transparency and security for transactions and keeping international transfer fees low.
  • Artificial Intelligence protocols optimize Gem4me Market Space’s operations and minimize the need for human involvement.
The advantage of using Gem4me
  • Create and run a store of any size.
  • Offer not only physical goods but also services.
  • Sell entries in the form of tours, concert tickets, etc.
  • Create a store with thousands of listed products and a built-in chat.
  • Easily identify relevant products in a potentially infinite number of stores using Gem4me Market Space’s A.I.
  • Trade inside and outside your city, region, and country.
  • Find the nearest restaurant, check out the menu and book a table.
  • Buy physical products using crypto tokens.
  • Receive analytics pertaining to crypto tokens and other assets.
  • Receive cash back for personal purchases.
In Conclusion
The e-commerce platform is now required to be more friendly and responsive to its customers so that customers can shop without the need to feel worried and difficult. Thanks to blockchain technology, Gem4me Market Space can be one step ahead of other competitors, and slowly but surely Gem4me will make e-commerce industry easier, safer, transparent and more reliable.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
GMC is a token issued by Gem4me platform and is planned to be sold in the token sales program. Here is more information;
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