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Geeba - Bringing a Smile to Delivery

Geeba is a delivery platform that will revolutionize urban mobility and logistics. Geeba uses technologies such as blockchain, robotics, and artificial intelligence. By using the power of these three technologies, Geeba is able to deliver a more efficient and revolutionary delivery service.

Getting Started Development
Every day there are tens or even hundreds of millions of goods delivered to customers throughout the world. According to Wikipedia delivery is the process of transporting goods from a source location to a predefined destination. Usually to move goods from one place to another is needed a method. The method used to move goods from one place to another is to use human power or use a car, truck, ship or plane.

In 2013, products ordered online generated more than one billion shipments. In 2018, this number is expected to grow 28.8% to 1.35 billion. This proves that the world shipping industry is very promising and potential.

But there are some problems that still exist in this industry, such as shipping goods that are not on time, infrastructure, efficiency, capacity, and so on. This makes customers feel disappointed with the shipping service they use. A renewable solution is needed so that the shipping industry can be cheaper, faster and more efficient.

Geeba is here to solve this problem, by creating a revolutionary delivery platform. The technology used by Geeba is blockchain, robotics, and artificial intelligence, which makes the delivery process more efficient and inexpensive.
Ecosystem Model
  • Advancing Autonomy: Aerial vehicles, Ground robots, Smart hubs.
  • Advancing Economy: Cryptocurrency payment, Geeba Nest Market, Transparent governance.
  • Advancing Technology: Reship fleet management platform, E-commerce platform, Application Programming Interface (API).
The advantage of using Geeba
  • For the community
    • Flexible Service
    • Live Alerts
    • Safer Roads
    • City Friendly
    • Lower Price
    • Less Congestion
    • Easy Returns
    • Lower Emissions
  • For retailers
    • Network of Couriers
    • Increased Service Capacity
    • Reduction in Price
    • Shipment Visibility
    • Enhanced Sustainability
    • Return Shipping
    • Minimising Delays
    • Simple Integrations
    • Trust and Security
    • Reducing Fraud
  • For shippers
    • High Demand
    • Easy Integrations
    • Smart Tracking
    • Proof of Delivery
    • Safe Archiving
    • Trust and Security
    • Securing Information
    • Minimising Delays
Geeba Coin
Geeba Coin is a token issued by Geeba and serves as the platform's internal currency. This token can be used to pay for a delivery service or as an incentive for users. This token is planned to be sold in the token sales program which will be explained in the section below.
In Conclusion
The size of the delivery industry and customer demand for cheap, fast and safe delivery services, requires delivery services to evolve so that customers don't leave them. Thanks to blockchain and robotics technology enable Geeba to be able to create efficient, inexpensive, safe and fast delivery services so that it can meet expectations from customers.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
Geeba Coin is planned to be sold in the token sales program which will be carried out on August 5, 2018. The following is the detail of the Geeba token sales program;

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