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Centive - Blockchain-based Incentive Network

Centive is a blockchain-based incentive network centered on frictionless and ultra-low-cost transactions with tokens. Centive focuses on platform development, adoption, and user growth to generate value for all users. Centive's platform for reducing friction from promotion (by businesses) to action (by consumers). Business owners don't need to worry about executing an advertising campaign because Centive will handle it.

Getting Started Development
When walking in the mall or other entertainment venues, of course, you see a lot of advertising media that shows products, films, or other, with a variety of sizes, electronic or print. We certainly agree that each advertisement displays a message, whether it's a message to see, buy, or watch the product they display.

Advertising has been around for thousands of years and its development has been signed until now. Methods and media that were traditionally changed and developed into modern and attractive. According to data that has been collected the advertising industry is currently estimated at the US $ 558 billion globally. This is a very large and potential market.

In the advertising industry, there are marketing teams who work wholeheartedly so that their products can be executed accurately to the market. It takes a lot of planning, resources (even financial investment), to reach consumers. But the reality is not that easy, many companies fail to market their products. Many companies think that they will get consumers by advertising in newspapers, electronic media, and so on, but in the end, they don't get results like their expectations.

To overcome the lack of customer interest in their products, some companies now use a system of rebate, cashback, or reward to their customers. By using a system like this, customers feel valued and benefited by using products from the company, so they will use the product continuously. But the problem is that rebate, cashback, or reward systems often disappoint customers, customers feel complicated when withdrawing their rewards.

This problem is what makes Centive present by bringing innovative solutions, and will provide new things in this US $ 558 billion advertising industry. Centive is a blockchain-based incentive platform that allows business owners to reach customers more easily and efficiently. Problems with marketing or getting customers will be resolved immediately by Centive because Centive allows integrating all the latest tracking, data and analytics capabilities to enable businesses to better understand their customers.
Centive Solutions
  • Centive allows ad campaigns to be executed on target.
  • Every transaction made by the user will use Centive tokens, which will reduce fees and allow incentive payments to be made faster.
  • Creating a supportive community between businesses and consumers, where they both get what they want - dictated by market forces, and creating a positive impact on the community at the same time
  • Design a digital wallet so users can receive or send tokens more safely and quickly.
  • Allows businesses owners to be able to offer deals to consumers in the marketplace provided.
  • Centive allows business owners to manage their ongoing campaigns, compile data, and generate reports.
Reasons for Choosing Centive
  • Safe & reliable: Secure platform, cold storage wallets, ensuring reliability to the highest standards.
  • User-friendly platform: Conveniently launch marketing campaigns, without worrying too much about operations.
  • Automated functions: Conduct sustainable marketing efforts, lowering costs in the long run. Pick from our list of fully customizable automated functions, which are also growing rapidly through continuous development.
  • Multi-function platform: The platform will cover multiple use cases – cashback, lucky draw, group-driven campaign, tipping wallet, digital content creation & sale, crowdfunding, and many more.
  • Tradable & shareable: Tokens can be held, spent, shared with friends, or tipped. In addition, tokens can be traded in partner exchanges or exchanged for digital goods on the platform.
  • Regulator Friendly: Our tokens are created as utility tokens, as means of allowing businesses and consumers a way of keeping tabs on their social status and scoring. We also retain the best legal talent and engage with regulators.
In Conclusion
By using the Centive platform, business owners will not be troubled by the execution of advertising campaigns that often make you tired, because Centive will ensure that ad campaigns can be executed directly to the market, which will have a direct impact on the number of their customers.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
It is planned that Centive will hold a token sales program (XTV tokens) on 2018-08-31. If you are interested in this very profitable offer you can see the information in the picture below;

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Important Links
Website : https://centive.org/
Bitcointalk Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1112636
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/centive
Twitter : https://twitter.com/CentiveOrg
Facebook: http://fb.com/centiveorg
Telegram: https://t.me/centiveorg
Whitepaper: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/centive/Centive_Whitepaper_Official.pdf