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Weidex - Decentralized Exchange

Weidex is a decentralized exchange platform that enables an exchange of digital assets processed without third parties, more cost-effective, and transparent. Weidex uses blockchain technology, smart-contract and escrow features, which allow the entire process to run in the most transparent and secure way, so users do not have to worry about the transactions they've already made.

Getting Started Development
Since the emergence of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) in 2009, to date there have been thousands of new cryptocurrency types that have been created by individual or corporate developers. As it is known that cryptocurrency as a virtual currency technology which uses cryptographic systems to secure transactions. Unlike the currency we use every day, cryptocurrency has no physical form because it exists in a virtual and digital world. The function of cryptocurrency is no less the same as fiat currency, but the difference is the technology behind it. Cryptocurrency is formed using blockchain technology, which allows cryptocurrency to be used for transactions safely, quickly, anonymously, and low cost, so it's no wonder that many individuals and even companies today are using cryptocurrency as their payment.

The increasing number of crypto market capitalization attracted some people to develop the cryptocurrency exchange platform, this is because the cryptocurrency market is very potential. According to data that crypto market capitalization is increasing every year, its peak in early 2018 where crypto market capitalization reached $ 610 billion. but from the beginning of January, the crypto market capitalization has fallen by 59%, but the number of transactions processed on the cryptocurrency exchange platform has not decreased, this is because cryptocurrency for some people is still potential.

Weidex intends to explore the potential of this cryptocurrency market by becoming a decentralized exchange platform fully supported by secure and transparent blockchain technology. All transactions on the Weidex platform will be fully processed without the use of a third party, thus it is expected that transactions will be processed more quickly and cost-effectively. And also. blockchain technology, smart-contract features, and escrow will work to secure user transactions, so users do not have to worry about their transactions.

Weidex Solutions
  • Decentralized: Weidex runs with a decentralized system that users can trust.
  • Referral System Bonus: Users have the opportunity to get a bonus from the referral program provided by Weidex.
  • Open API: Connect and use our functionalities from remote systems.
  • Low Fees: Widex only charges 0.1% - 0.2% fees for each user transaction.
  • High Availability: The Weidex system runs continuously without any downtime or maintenance period.
  • Professional Support: Users will get reliable and professional support.
Weidex User Experience
Weidex designed this platform with the aspect of user convenience and convenience, and in this case, Weidex created a successful user-centered design that embraces the principles of human-computer interaction (HCI) and Weidex will provide the right customer needs, without the hassle or disruption.
In Conclusion
Weidex aims to be a decentralized exchange platform that will address the issues in cryptocurrency exchange services, as well as being an exchange platform that provides customers with a reliable, transparent and fully trustworthy service.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
With this opportunity, Weidex invite you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Weidex will release the Token under the name “WDX Token”, here is the data.

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