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Slate Works as Currency in Industry Entertainment

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Every day hundreds of millions of people around the world access the entertainment platform through gadgets, TVs, computers, or other devices, without the hassle of having to go to the movies just to watch their favorite movies. People can access entertainment more quickly and efficiently through entertainment platforms like Netflix, Iflix, or others, which provide entertainment content that is accessible for free or paid.

The convenience provided by today's entertainment platforms makes people no longer have to be difficult and tired in searching for entertainment content that suits their likes, as most entertainment platforms now provide features where people can enjoy music, movies, or other entertainment content that can automatically be adjusted to the user's interests and preferences.

Basically, some entertainment platforms are licensed to provide entertainment content from different countries. However, the permit has limited territory, so there is some content that can not be shown in some countries. So with this content restriction policy, users can not enjoy the entertainment content more freely.

The slate will be an entertainment platform that allows users to access entertainment content more easily and freely, without worrying about content restrictions in some countries.

How Slate and Blockchain work together in disrupting the entertainment industry.
The blockchain is simply an online global database that anyone can use anywhere in the world connected to the internet. Unlike other databases that are usually owned by certain institutions such as banks or governments, Blockchain does not belong to anyone. Make it more transparent because it can be accessed by anyone.

This technology is used by Slate to disrupt the entertainment industry. Using blockchain technology allows Slate to operate more transparently, safely, and decentralized.

Blockchain allows Slate to be able to provide entertainment content without territory or country restrictions. So customers can be freer to access content they like from all countries in the world.

For security and privacy, blockchain technology is very reliable. Because Blockchain has an open and decentralized database system, which makes it possible to store data and make money transactions safer, faster, and cheaper.
Binge and Slatix: Streaming video and buying tickets becomes easier
Binge and Slatix are part of the Slate platform which has two distinct functions, where Binge as a decentralized subscription-based streaming media provider of high-quality original video content and Slatix is a decentralized entertainment ticketing solution. With these two services, it is expected that users can enjoy the entertainment content more freely and help users in buying tickets easily and safely.

Here are the advantages of using Binge and Slatix;


  • Complete Transparency. (Binge)
  • Affordable Service. (Binge)
  • No Geographic Restrictions. (Binge)
  • Significant Reduction of Piracy. (Binge)
  • Rewards and Incentives for Binge Subscribers. (Binge)
  • Near-Zero Fee Structure. (Slatix)
  • Elimination of Counterfeit Tickets. (Slatix)
  • Elimination of Bot Purchasing. (Slatix)
  • Credible Reviews from Verified Users. (Slatix)
  • Rewards and Incentives for Slatix Users. (Slatix)

Slate (SLX) Token
SLX is a token issued by the Slate platform and serves as the internal currency. SLX is also used as a fuel that supports the company on token sale program which is planned to be held in 2018-07-17. It is predicted that the price of this token will increase from the previous price of 0.03 USD to 0.04 USD. For more details of this token sale program please see in the picture below.