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Mozo Helps Improve Business

Mozocoin https://www.mozocoin.io/

Consumers always have desires and needs that are always evolving and changing over time. Currently, consumers are more selective in spending their money, such as to pay hotel bills, buy clothes, and so on.

There are dozens of factors contributing to the success (or failure) of a business, customer satisfaction is one of them. It’s important to track this factor and work on improving it in order to make your customers more loyal and eventually turn them into brand ambassadors.

One of the most efficient ways to attract customers to shop or spend money on buying a product or a service is with loyalty programs. By using loyalty programs, a business can gain customers' interest in purchasing products or using their services. According to Forbes.com customer loyalty programs are proven methods for growing and sustaining market share. Consumers who are already enthusiastic about a brand are more likely to continue buying and are a prime market for that brand's new products.

Especially for foot traffic, loyalty programs can interest them to visit directly to stores, hotels, entertainment venues, or others that offer loyalty programs to their customers.

Mozo presents a revolutionary loyalty program platform, where loyalty programs will be combined with blockchain and IoT technology, so foot traffic can be directly controlled and directed to stores, hotels or other businesses.

Mozo: The beginning of a revolutionary loyalty program
In the past 2 years, the Mozo platform was formed by an experienced and reliable team, with private investment worth $ 1.0 M. Within 2 years after the establishment of the Mozo platform has signed MoUs with 2 leading companies namely Wanda e-Commerce Co., Ltd. and 361 Degrees International Co., Ltd. It is expected that with the signing of this MoU Mozo platform can deliver a reliable service to customers.

Mozo uses blockchain and IoT technology to control foot traffic and help provide a transparent and secure loyalty program. By using blockchain technology, Mozo also allows users to transact safely and comfortably using Mozocoin. So that both merchants and customers can enjoy the most efficient and safe loyalty program.

Here are the advantages of using Mozo

  • Users will get Mozocoin by visiting the stores. (Costumers)
  • A loyalty program that is transparent and easy to use. (Costumers)
  • Foot traffic will increase by 20%. (Merchants )
  • Increase the value of real-estate. (Merchants )
  • Cut out expensive advertising costs. (Merchants )
  • Merchants can monitor buyers in their stores in real-time. (Merchants )
Mozo - Token of Discovery
Mozocoin is a token issued by the Mozo platform based on ERC-20 Ethereum that can be used as currency between customers and merchants. As explained above, customers can get Mozo tokens by visiting the store or buying it from the tokens sales program. Users can redeem the tokens they have in registered retailers who have displayed Mozo's logo in front of their store.

Mozo also opens up opportunities for investors and crypto enthusiast who are interested in the loyalty program market that reaches US $ 12 Billion. This token is planned to be sold on tokens sale program on 23 - 30 July, 2018. Here is more information about Mozo token sales.