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KuBitX Present A Simple And Reliable Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

KuBitX https://www.kubitx.io/

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Almost every person in the world today knows Bitcoin, but most of them do not understand what is Bitcoin and how Bitcoin as the world's first cryptocurrency was discovered by someone who has so far been unknown.

Until now there are still many parties who speculate that cryptocurrency is a temporary phenomenon that will disappear over time, but until now the cryptocurrency market continues to increase significantly.

For now, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies traded on the market. The current market value for cryptocurrencies is estimated to be $ 589 billion. There are about two dozen other currencies that market cap is more than $ 1 billion. Even as new currencies emerge, they are adding 1300 currencies.

All of these cryptocurrencies are mostly traded on a decentralized exchange. A decentralized exchange is an exchange market that does not rely on a third-party service to hold the customer's funds. This system contrasts with the current centralized model in which the IOU's deposit funds and the exchange issues an IOU that can be freely traded on the platform.

EtherDelta, IDEX, OpenLedger DEX, are some of today's popular decentralized exchange. But much of the current decentralized exchange still have problems they can not solve, such as user experience, liquidity, and others, which often complicate investors and crypto enthusiast.

KuBitX is a cryptocurrency trading platform developed using transparent and secure blockchain technology. KuBitX wants to present a simple and accessible crypto trading service, which embraces everyone to get familiar with blockchain technology and invest in cryptocurrency.


KuBitX : Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
KuBitX is a crypto trading platform established by professional and reliable team of Fortune 500 companies and "Big Four" consultancy firms. From the very beginning, KuBitX was built on the philosophy of simplicity and accessibility, which KuBitX will be a truly safe and reliable crypto trading platform for sellers and buyers of cryptocurrency.

KuBitX 's vision and mission are to become a crypto trading platform that will solve problems in crypto exchange services and become a crypto trading platform that educates, enables and engages people from emerging markets in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Here are the benefits of using KuBitX ;

  • High Scalability: KuBitX is open to any feature that improves the user experience.
  • Secure: With high-security features that will secure the entire activity of the user.
  • Blockchain: Token-based ethereum blockchain that will be an internal currency.
  • Ecosystem: KuBitX embraces a proven transparent and secure P2P payment ecosystem.
  • Low Fees: Fees that will be charged to users are only 0.05% and 0.0375% if using KBX token.
  • Minimized Risk: Multi-signature wallet and cold storage will help secure user funds.
 KBX Token
KuBitcoin or abbreviated KBX, is a token issued by the KuBitX platform. This token has a 500,000,000 supply and serves as an internal currency. KBX Token runs with ERC-20 ethereum blockchain system. KuBitX will rely on this token as the fuel that will support the platform becomes even bigger. This token is planned for sale on July 16th, 2018. Here is more information about KuBitcoin token sales program;