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Inscoin - The First Blockchain Based Insurance Company

Inscoin https://inscoin.co/

Inscoin is a token that will support the KNOX project as the world's first insurance platform that uses blockchain technology. KNOX is a revolutionary platform in the insurance industry, which will create the most efficient and advanced structure in the sector. With the support of blockchain technology on the KNOX insurance platform, it makes the platform more transparent and secure, whereby issues such as certification and anti-insurance insurance policies can be resolved.

Getting Started Development
Insurance is an important investment to protect people, such as health, education or their property. Insurance is important for individuals or companies. Because insurance can minimize the risk of loss of health, property, or education.

According to Wikipedia, Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management, primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss. In other words, insurance is a must for every person or company.

But public interest in the insurance program is still low, especially for health insurance and life insurance. This is because the cost for an insurance policy is expensive and the insurance platform is not transparent to its users. Even the FBI reports that the annual cost of insurance fraud is approximately $ 40 billion. This is a huge loss that should be resolved, but can not be solved by today's popular insurance platform.

By looking at this situation, some people have initiatives to create a safe, efficient and transparent insurance platform, and then the KNOX project is formed. KNOX is an ambitious project developed by an experienced and professional team in the insurance industry. KNOX is the world's first insurance platform that uses blockchain technology as the basis for its development. As it is known that blockchain technology is a safe, efficient and transparent technology, that is what KNOX wants to present in the insurance industry.

Unlike other insurance platforms that are not transparent and secure for users, KNOX is different. KNOX uses blockchain technology that secures all data from its users and allows the structure of this platform to run more efficiently and transparently. So problems such as certificates or insurance policies that are difficult to claim can be avoided.
The Advantages
  • A smart-contract feature will secure the user's insurance policy.
  • Users get full control over their insurance policies.
  • WEB and Mobile platforms are provided for users to facilitate their access to insurance services.
  • Insurance companies can collect premiums without delay.
  • Blockchain minimizes insurance policy fraud.
  • Brokers have full access to commissions, admin, and others.
In Conclusion
The insurance platform should work more efficiently, safely and transparently, as it is directly related to the lives of people. Thanks to blockchain technology, through this technology KNOX project can be formed and make the insurance platform run more safely, efficiently and transparently for individuals or companies around the world.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
Inscoin is a token that supports the KNOX platform. This token is planned to be sold on the ICO program planned to be held on 2018-07-23. Here is more information about Inscoin token sales;

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