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Gemstra - Powering the Future of Social Selling

Gemstra https://gemstra.com/

Gemstra is a social-selling platform based on blockchain technology that will integrate hundreds of millions of sellers and brands worldwide into one platform. The features provided by Gemstra help sellers or merchants to manage their own store/boutique easily, quickly and securely. The mission of Gemstra is to make social selling available and accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere.
Getting Started Development
Social selling or better known as door-to-door door sales in the 1900s is a sales system whereby Brands empower sellers to market and sell products or brands to customers directly. With the development of technology, this sales model enters the online system, where they can get more customers from all over the world.

It is known that the social selling industry is more than $ 180 billion worldwide and there are 120 million people in the world involved in this industry. This proves that the industry is very potential and profitable.

However, with the growing market of the social selling industry, there are some issues that are often faced by small and medium players, such as market dominance by big players like Amway, etc or the unavailability of platforms that accommodate small and medium players to be able to sell more products easy and cheaper cost.

This is what Gemstra wants to achieve by providing a social selling platform that will accommodate the needs of sellers or merchants. Using Gemstra, sellers, merchants, and brands will benefit, as Gemstra will provide a marketplace called BOUTIQUES, which will accommodate sellers and enable them to sell products or brands they want, so sellers can drive sales for merchants and brands through promotions direct and social influences.

Gemstra plans to provide solutions such as BOUTIQUES (a decentralized marketplace for social selling), ASTRA (a smart contract platform) and GMS Token that will enable social selling available to everyone around the world.
The advantages of using Blockchain Technology (ASTRA)
Gemstra uses blockchain technology as the basis of its development. Using this technology allows Gemstra to be able to walk in a transparent and secure manner. The following are the advantages of implementing blockchain technology on the Gemstra platform;
  • Merchants can manage brands and sellers directly from their independent network.
  • The ASTRA system will help sellers to secure their data such as customer information, transaction data, and so on, so that sellers feel safe and secure.
  • The ability of ASTRA allows brands to be able to set commissions to merchants.
  • ASTRA allows brands to be able to integrate their catalog into many merchants.
  • Gemstra's blockchain ecosystem allows the system to run more democratically and can be trusted by all stakeholders.
In Conclusion
The market of the social selling industry is growing, and a renewable solution is needed to make social selling available to everyone. Gemstra can be a solution for today's social selling industry, where Gemstra is able to provide marketplace solutions and smart-contract systems that will accommodate sellers, merchants, and brands and make social selling accessible and awesome for everyone
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
A GMS token is a token issued by the Gemstra platform and serves as an internal currency. By using these tokens sellers, merchants, brands, and customers will greatly benefit as these tokens reduce costs and speed up transaction processing, and some other benefits. The following is information from the GMS Token and the date of sale;

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