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Freldo - Unleash The Power of The Service Market

Freldo is a social network platform based on blockchain technology that connects service providers with customers. The solution offered by Freldo enables small and medium-sized businesses to run better and smoother, and also allows frequent problems faced between sellers and buyers to be handled properly.

Getting Started Development
Business is the most important part that sustains human life every day, for example, the business of food and beverage, transportation, or other, which every day human use. In a capitalist economy, where most businesses are privately owned, businesses are formed to gain profit and increase the prosperity of their owners. Owners and operators of a business get rewards according to the time, effort, or capital they provide. But not all businesses seek profit, there are some businesses that are specially formed for charity or other non-profit activities.

The United States, the world's largest economy, is based on a mix of small and medium-sized businesses. According to data that 62% of the total growing business in this country is small and medium business. The data proves that small and medium businesses affect the economy of the United States.

Every business must have its own difficulty, whether it's in marketing or sales. Many entrepreneurs survive and face the problem, some decide to quit or switch to other businesses. Entrepreneurs who survive and try to find a solution will usually achieve success in the future. However, issues such as sales, marketing, or other issues that are often faced by small and medium-sized businesses can be addressed through good and proper management.

This is what Freldo wants to address, a blockchain-based social networking platform that enables small and medium businesses to run better and more controllable. Freldo uses blockchain and smart-contract technology to create ecosystems where small and medium businesses can manage their business with better systems and enable sellers and buyers to communicate directly. It is hoped that Freldo can be a platform that will solve the problems faced by small and medium businesses such as difficulties in marketing, sales, communications, and so forth.

Freldo Solutions
  • Allows quick and convenient search with custom parameters.
  • No fake review of services or products.
  • Order products and services directly from Freldo account.
  • Allows transactions to be processed quickly and transparently.
  • Freldo users have the opportunity to earn rewards according to their contribution.
  • For users who want to earn extra income can join the affiliate program provided by the Freldo platform.
  • For entrepreneurs who are members of Freldo can have the opportunity to learn from other business similar to them.
  • Allows businesses to be well managed and controlled.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
With this opportunity, Freldo invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Freldo will release the Token under the name “FRECN Token”, here is the data.

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