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Dafzo - Decentralized Global Logistics Platform

Dafzo is a blockchain based logistics platform that allows logistics delivery to be done without the use of financial intermediaries. Decentralized ecosystems established by Dafzo will facilitate the delivery of logistics more efficiently and cheaper, so the community & SMEs will be empowered.

Getting Started Development
The logistics system in the commercial world plays a crucial role in determining market prices and the stability of supply availability on demand in the market. Logistics in the commercial industry began in the 1960s, wherein that era the concept of logistics evolved due to the increasing level of complexity of demand for goods affected by the timeliness of receipt of goods, quality, quantity, and distance.

Management in the complex logistics supply chain is tangent to the price of the goods in the future. The length of logistics delivery, overly complex documents, and the price of logistics shipping are the things that could affect the price of goods on the market.

Moreover, International Trade Finance often complicates the process of shipping logistics, they will charge a high fee to the buyer/importer. Besides, International Trade Finance runs with a centralized system, which makes it an organization that is not transparent and often hampers the process of logistics delivery.

Dafzo intends to address this problem, through a blockchain based logistics platform that enables logistics delivery to be processed more efficiently and cheaper. The decentralized ecosystem offered by Dafzo allows issues related to logistics delivery to be handled closely, such as cheaper transactional fees, eliminating financial intermediaries, smart-contract automation, and so on.
It is hoped that Dafzo can be a platform to replace current financial intermediaries and participate in empowering communities & SMEs worldwide.

Decentralized Logistics Ecosystem
Dafzo is developed using blockchain technology which enables it to run more transparently and safely. All agreements made by importers and exporters are recorded in blockchain ledgers that cannot be altered or deleted by anyone, so that any party may use this data to resolve any disputes that may occur in the future.

Blockchain technology enables the logistics delivery process to run more efficiently and quickly because blockchain is able to simplify shipping documents, so importers/exporters do not take long to take care of all the documents they need.

Blockchain also allows all transactions conducted to be processed and secured using smart-contract features, so users do not have to worry about the funds they send.
Dafzo Solutions
  • Minimum Transaction Fee: Transaction fee charged by Dafzo as low as 1%.
  • No Collateral: Dafzo issues LCs without any collateral or any sort of security.
  • Instant Issuance: LCs will be issued instantly, without waiting for days.
  • Trade Agreement by AI: AI Technology will assist Importers / Exporters in analyzing sales agreements.
  • Alternate dispute mechanism: AI technology and international arbitrators will assist in dispute resolution.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
With this opportunity, Dafzo invite you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Dafzo will release the Token under the name “DFZ Token”, here is the data.

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