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Cryptassist: All In One Crypto Solution

Cryptassist https://www.cryptassist.io/

Cryptassist ICO rating

Today, the internet is ablaze with talk about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It seems for all intents and purposes to be among the biggest trends of the modern era. From social media to news broadcasts and even government legislation, it is hard to go a single day without something cryptocurrency-related being in the news. The conversation on the topic is greatly polarized with strong sentiments on all sides of the multi-faceted aisle that is the cryptocurrency argument. There are those who call it a bubble and there are others who say it has the potential to disrupt the global economy.

Quoting from Investopedia.com blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. The blockchain is a technology introduced along with bitcoin by one or a group calling itself Satoshi Nakamoto which was originally used to record the financial transactions of bitcoin.

2017 is the momentum of the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Throughout the year 2017 cryptocurrency market capitalization grew by more than 3300 percent, increasing from 16 billion USD to 550 billion USD. Dozens of cryptocurrencies also experience price growth of up to thousands of percent. This proves that the cryptocurrency market is very promising and potentially.

Cryptassist is an "all in one crypto solution" platform which will meet the needs of people for a complete, secure, transparent and reliable cryptocurrency platform. Using Cryptassist people can meet their needs, ranging from finance, investing, donations, freelancers, and more, easily from one place.

One-stop crypto solution
The cryptocurrency market cap has been projected to reach as high as $1-2 trillion in 2018. Sometimes there are a number of major problems that disrupt the market, such as price manipulation, pump and dump ICO schemes, cybercriminals, and others, which often complicate investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptassist is here to solve this problem through the "all in one crypto solution" platform, which provides services such as;

  • Debit Card.
  • CryptoGo.
  • Cryptstarter.
  • Exchange.
  • Multi-Coin Block Explorer.
  • ChatPay.
  • Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation.
  • Arbitrage Opportunities Alerts.
  • ICO Assistant.
  • Where To Spend Crypto.
  • Webshop.
  • Cryptassist Freelancer.
  • News Updates.
  • OTC Altcoins.
  • One Trading Tool.
  • Portfolio Visualization & Manager.
  • Social Media Scanner.
  • Crypto Compare.
  • Community Forum.
  • Trading Alerts
  • CoinMarketCap Integration.
  • Upcoming ICOs.
  • Real-time Statistics and Metrics.
  • Customizable Graphs.
  • CoinWarz Integration.
  • Exchange War Integration.
  • Cryptopedia.
All services needed by investors and crypto enthusiasts are in one place that is easily accessible via their smartphone or desktop.

Cryptassist Dag
DAG works differently than the blockchain. Where the blockchain requires Proof of Work from miners on each transaction the DAG gets around this by getting rid of the block entirely. Instead, DAG transactions are linked from one to another, meaning one transaction confirms the next and so on. These links are where the term DAG comes from, just like blocks getting hashed are where the blockchain receives its name. (source: https://btcmanager.com/dag-vs-blockchain/)

Cryptassist uses the DAG algorithm, which makes Cryptassist run more efficiently and quickly. With DAG, Cryptassist's block time will be 30 seconds and The transaction speed of Cryptassist will be 3,500 TPS.

CTA Token Sales
CTA is a token issued by the Cryptassist platform and serves as the internal currency. This token is on sale on 2018-06-28 - 2018-08-11. The following is information from the CTA token;