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4NEW - Tokenized Electricity

4NEW is a platform that focuses on providing energy from waste products supported by blockchain technology. The solution offered by 4NEW is the refining of waste products into the water and organic materials which will then become environmentally friendly energy for the surrounding area or become energy for the mining farm. Thus 4NEW can be the best solution for coping with excessive energy usage today.

Getting Started Development
Energy has become a vital need of society that is needed to sustain its life and support its daily activities. For example, to cook food, humans need heat energy for that, or to meet the water needs, people need electrical energy to turn on the water pump.

Electrical energy commonly used by people comes from power plants that use fossil fuels. The disadvantage of using fossil fuels is that it can trigger global warming, which has a negative impact on the Earth's temperature.

The earth is getting hotter, so people have to think about switching from unfriendly fuel to environmentally friendly fuel. Utilization of renewable energy such as gas, solar cell, wind, and refining of waste products into energy can be the right choice to overcome this problem.

4NEW through its platform wants to come up with something new in energy supply that is through the refining of waste products into the water and organic materials which will then become energy for the national or other purposes. 4NEW is fully supported by blockchain technology, which allows the platform to run more transparently and securely.

The market that 4NEW wants to enter is the cryptocurrencies market because it is known that the cryptocurrencies market is inseparable from mining companies. For example, the Bitcoin and Ethereum Energy Consumption Index every month has increased significantly, and it is expected that 4NEW can be a platform that provides energy for mining companies.

4NEW Solutions
  • Each plant can be 50,000-100,000 tons of waste annually which will then process it into electricity with environmentally friendly methods.
  • The electricity produced can be adjusted to any location by human activity, and sold to the national or mining farm.
  • 4NEW uses blockchain technology, which makes it the world's first eco-friendly environmental blockchain ecosystem powered by waste to generate electrical energy.
Key Advantages
  • KWATT Coin: 1 KWATT Coin embodies within it 1 Kilowatt Hour of electrical output generated by the plant.
  • Two Operational Power Plants: in Q3 2018 it is expected that 4NEW operates with 2 power plants.
  • Unsold Tokens: all unsold KWATT tokens will be burnt.
  • Mining Farm: WATT coin can accurately track how much electricity consumption of cryptocurrency mining operations.
  • Token Supply: 300 Million tokens will be issued by the 4NEW platform.
  • Electric Output: the electrical output capacity provided by 4NEW at launch is 10 megawatts per hour.
  • Mining Capacity: 10 megawatts per hour can support 360 billion gigahashes / hour in mining capacity.
Token Sales - Join Opportunity
With this opportunity, 4NEW invite you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. 4NEW will release the Token under the name “FRNC Token”, here is the data.

Image From 4NEW
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