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RedCab - Your Trip at Finger Tip

RedCab is an innovative decentralized transportation platform that understands the problems of transport users. The solution offered by RedCab is a decentralized transportation service that enables everyone to become freelancers and enjoy a more comfortable and quality experience in using transportation services, at prices that more affordable but with a more secure and renewable system.

Getting Started Development
In the past, when transportation services were not as numerous and as easy as today, many people find it difficult to get transport that takes them from one place to another place. But with the growing technology and the emergence of some innovative transportation platforms such as Uber or Lyft, making access to transportation services is easier and faster. The solutions offered by the Uber or Lyft platform are highly innovative and proven to address problems in access to transportation services. But users still want a more reliable, more convenient, more affordable transport platform that understands users, riders, and drivers.

RedCab is here to provide a decentralized transportation platform that understands what users need and be the platform that will address the problems in today's transportation services. RedCab is supported by blockchain and A.I technologies, which will provide users with safer, smarter, and more customer-friendly transportation services.
Features of RedCab
  • Research, RedCab is developed by a team of experienced and well-informed about the transportation industry.
  • Returns, Customers will get the lowest price for their transportation fare and the driver will get a high return.
  • Market, Building one community from different markets and embracing diversity.
  • Technology, RedCab is supported by current renewable technologies such as blockchain and A.I which will enhance the user experience.
Advantages of Using RedCab
  • Users do not need to spend time in waiting and get shuttles, just one touch of a finger, users will get drivers that take them to where they want to go.
  • Users will get free travel bonus with higher usage.
  • The price is cheaper and affordable.
  • Referral program.
  • Drivers can earn more.
  • The driver can manage their working time.
  • Both drivers and customers have the opportunity to obtain tokens through Proof-of-Marketing and Proof-of-driving.
  • Hotels and Restaurant can use RedCab services to deliver food and beverages to their customers, thereby reducing the workload.
In Conclusion
RedCab aims to provide a decentralized transport platform that better understands users as well as being a renewable solution in the transportation industry today through blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology.
With this opportunity, RedCab invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. RedCab will release the Token under the name “REDC Token”, here is the data.