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ORBIS - Manage Your Assets Differently

ORBIS is a financial platform that enables people to transact and invest in the safest, fastest and cheapest way. The services offered by the ORBIS platform include transfer, investment, payment, and so on, whose entire process is based on a safe and transparent blockchain decentralization technology.

Getting Started Development
The financial sector has grown significantly in recent years, as recorded in 2014 there are a total of $ 596 billion worldwide remittances and has tripled since 2000. This proves that many individuals or countries are experiencing economic improvements. With this large amount of remittances, the World Bank has initiated Remittance Prices Worldwide Database, which allows for comparisons between worldwide remittance rates, and allows to set benchmarks to ensure the quality and availability of remittances. This has led to a market monopoly by money transfer companies such as Western Union or Moneygram which already have millions of retail and branches in 200 countries. With such a monopoly of markets, making money remittance rates is regulated by only a few parties, which is very burdensome to users. Such a centralized system leads to longer transaction times, and too many complex document management and bureaucracies that make it difficult for users.

ORBIS is here to be a solution to the monopoly of the money remittance market by some big companies today. Orbis Money Transfer and Investment enables people to transact and invest in the safest, fastest, and cheapest way. The Orbis platform is supported by P2P (peer-to-peer) blockchain technology, which enables financial transactions to be processed faster but at a lower cost, allowing users to make remittances without worrying about high fees or long transaction processing.
ORBIS Features
  • Orbis Decentralized Desktop/mobile Platform, users can use Orbis services easily through their own smartphone or desktop.
  • Orbis Wallet, digital wallet provided by ORBIS platform allows users to safely store ORBS tokens.
  • Orbis Exchange, Orbiscoins can be sold and purchased on a decentralized exchange platform provided by Orbis.
  • OrbisCoins, there are two tokens provided by the Orbis platform, ORBS, and ORBSi, which have limited supply.
  • ORBIS debit card, a debit card is also provided for users who want to make payment or withdrawal in fiat via ATM.
  • ORBIS POS, Orbis will help business owners with their payments.
  • Orbis mobile NFC payment system, Orbis supports NFC payments.
  • ORBIS WORLDWIDE BRANCHES AND FRANCHISING, Orbis will open its branches in several places and open opportunities for anyone to join the ORBIS franchise business.
  • ORBIS INVEST AND FUNDRAISING FOR START-UPS AND OTHER ICOs, Orbis will help and funding potential cryptocurrency projects.
In Conclusion
ORBIS aims to create a decentralized money transfer and investment platform that will provide users with a secure, easy, fast, and cheap remittance service, as well as a platform that will counter the market monopoly by some of today's popular services such as WasternUnion or MoneyGram through blockchain technology.
With this opportunity, ORBIS invite you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. ORBIS will release the Token under the name “ORBIS Token”, here is the data.