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ONe Social Network - Bringing it all Together!

ONe Social Network is the first social networking platform supported by blockchain technology and enables people to connect with others safely and hassle-free. This platform allows users to communicate without risk or other threats so that users can communicate with others safely without worrying about their privacy.

Getting Started Development
Communication is an important thing that can not be separated from the society today. Every day people are always communicating with others, whether directly or through electronic devices. Over the centuries the way humans in communicating experience changes, from those who first met directly or through media such as letters and telegrams, transformed into a more modern through the social media platform. Through social media, people can communicate even find new people outside their region or country. The development of mobile devices has also encouraged the use of social media platforms even according to data that adults in the US spend an average of 1 hours 16 minutes on their devices and the most use on social media and entertainment platforms.

However, with the many platforms of social media today does not make people comfortable in communicating. Indeed social media provides many benefits such as faster communication, easily connect with many people, or the opportunity to meet new people. However, many people are starting to pay attention to their privacy and security in the social media platform, as many cases of user privacy violations have emerged in recent times. The Cambridge Analytica case is an example of the lack of security of social media platforms against user privacy.

ONe Social Network is here to address this issue through a social media platform supported by secure and transparent blockchain technology. ONe Social Network is the first social media platform built using blockchain technology, so users can communicate safely and hassle-free. Besides communicating, users can also access services such as the marketplace, GPS, image sharing, and so on, which can entertain users.
Core Functionality of ONe
  • Privacy, ONe guarantees that user privacy will be secured with the best possible.
  • Opt-In Advertising, The advertising system will be designed in such a way, so as not to disturb the user's convenience.
  • Marketplace, users can buy goods or services from the marketplace provided by ONe.
  • Public and Private Channels, Chats and GPS, users can view post from public channel or private channel.
  • Self-Destruction of Posts, users can set Self-Destruction from post they send to public or private channel.
  • GPS: Locate Friends and Public Users Here, users can search and find people around them.
  • Anonymous and Unregistered Posting and Comments, people can use some features like post or other without registering on ONe platform.
  • Image: Sharing, Editing GIFs, and More, users can share, edit, or capture images.
  • Video, users can share or play videos from other users.
  • Friends, Family, and Followers, users can manage who can see their information or post.
  • Hybridized / Decentralized Structure, some ONe servers run on centralized and decentralized systems.
  • ONe Wallet, users can hold and store the token based on ERC20 on this wallet.
In Conclusion
ONe Social Network aims to build the first social media platform based on blockchain technology, which will address issues related to user privacy and convenience, and become a social media platform that understands what users need and want.
With this opportunity, ONe invite you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. ONe will release the Token under the name “OBT Token”, here is the data.