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Coinect - Cutting-edge Blockchain System

Coinect is a cryptocurrency trading platform that uses artificial intelligence technology to create smarter and profitable trading platforms. A.I technology enables Coinect to develop intelligent algorithms capable of working for 24/7 and enables decision-making at arbitrage trading sessions to take place at a faster and more precise time, resulting in maximal profit with less risk.
Getting Started Development
Currently, cryptocurrency is popularly traded by many people around the world, ranging from beginner to professional traders believing that the cryptocurrency trading market is very potential. Many professional traders have developed techniques for profit-making on the trading market such as forex, but the cryptocurrency market is different from the general financial market, which requires a source of relevant information and a high level of experience to determine future market trends. Many experts and professional traders have started developing tools and platforms to enable traders to trade and profit on their trading sessions, especially for beginner traders who are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency market. But the growing institutional liquidity of this platform and the increasing capitalization of digital instruments have led to a classic approach to long-term investment losing its appeal. And also the inability of humans to monitor the cryptocurrency market for 24 hours is a challenge to be solved.

Coinect tries to solve this problem through the cryptocurrency trading platform supported by artificial intelligence technology which is able to increase profit from the arbitration trading session. The solution offered by Coinect allows arbitration trading to be performed using the next generation automated trading system based on a decentralized arbitration algorithm. The system will directly perform the learning independently and automatically determine the action on arbitration trading sessions, thus providing an improved return on investment in crypto instruments in any type of market situation.
Solution Offered by Coinect
  • Artificial intelligence, Coinect uses intelligent algorithms which will learn and determine their own decisions in earning profits.
  • 200+ trading instruments, the algorithm developed by Coinect will analyze more than 200 trading instruments at a time.
  • Working 24/7, Coinect Algorithm will run for 24/7 full.
  • 25+ crypto exchanges, analyzing more than 25 crypto exchanges at a time.
  • Without human factor, The system runs automatically and is free from human intervention.
  • Low risks, using A.I technology minimizes risk.
Coinect Working With
  • HitBTC
  • Bit-Z
  • CEX.IO
  • EXMO
  • YoBit.net
  • GDAX
  • And many more ...
In Conclusion
Coinect aims to develop a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform supported by artificial intelligence technology and an in-depth learning algorithm which will be able to learn and decide on its own decisions in getting the best arbitrage and profit maximization.
With this opportunity, Coinect invite you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Coinect will release the Token under the name “COI Token”, here is the data.