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VOLT - P2P Delivery Platform based on Blockchain

VOLT is a P2P delivery platform supported by blockchain technology that enables faster and cheaper delivery of goods to customers. By using VOLT service, shipping can be done more efficiently, and companies like UBER or other companies acting as intermediaries earn 20% commission. All shipments will be secured using blockchain technology, allowing users to enjoy a decentralized, transparent and secure P2P delivery service.

Getting Started Development
Nowadays, the delivery of goods has been done anywhere in the world and increasing every year in line with the growth of e-Commerce Global market. Just imagine there are more than millions of goods that are sent every day around the world, good handling is required to keep the goods ordered by the customers coming on time.

The current delivery system still uses a centralized system and has limited features, so delivery is inefficient and tends to be expensive for customers. This is the constraint of the current delivery service, that there are some things that should not be necessary.

VOLT is here to offer a more efficient and cheaper freight forwarding platform for customers by eliminating unnecessary parts of the shipping process and using blockchain technology to reduce shipping costs and make shipping more secure and transparent.

VOLT is a P2P delivery platform that uses blockchain technology in its development, which is also supported by A.I technology to help automatically calculate shipping rates.

VOLT - Competitiveness on Pricing
The price offered by the VOLT platform is very competitive and affordable for the users, and unlike the centralized system owned by today's popular delivery service, VOLT prefers to use a decentralized P2P system that does not require a physical hub, so that items are delivered directly via P2P without need to spend money or other things in building a warehouse or other infrastructure.
VOLT For Costumers
VOLT provides a transparent and trustworthy shipping service to users, which will show the entire cost of delivering the goods requested by users to all the destinations they want.

In applications already designed by VOLT, there is a menu for delivering goods, and after the user determines the starting point and destination delivery of goods, then the system will automatically perform the calculation of shipping rates and time to arrive.

VOLT For Messengers
The messenger can set the preference area, price, and time of preference and then upload it to the smart-contract features designed by the VOLT platform. By using such systems, messengers can work in their preferred areas only.

All transactions conducted by the user to the messenger will be secured using the smart-contract and escrow system so that funds will only be processed when the messenger has finished delivering goods safely and on time.

In Conclusion
VOLT aims to develop a P2P delivery platform supported by blockchain technology that will deliver goods in a more efficient and fast way, as well as a cheap and safe decentralized delivery service delivery that users can trust around the world.
With this opportunity, VOLT invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. VOLT will release the Token under the name “VOLT Token”, here is the data.