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Guarium - New Generation Of The Global Platform

Guarium is an e-Commerce Automation platform that enables manufacturers or wholesalers to distribute their products on a large scale in the most efficient and easy way. The solution offered by the Guarium platform is to enable wholesalers or manufacturers to market their products in the best and easiest way with less effort on their part through secure and transparent blockchain technology.

Getting Started Development
The e-Commerce market is now experiencing a significant increase in the direction of the consumptive metropolitan lifestyle with an estimated 2.3 trillion dollars and by 2021 it will reach 4.5 trillion dollars making the e-commerce market very profitable and potential.

For example, the e-Commerce market of Asia has a size of 936 billion dollars and makes it the leader of the e-Commerce Global market, especially China's e-Commerce market contributed the most to 672 billion dollars, followed by the United States in second place of 340 billion dollars. This proves that the e-commerce market is huge and profitable.

However, with the large e-commerce market there are still some issues that have not been resolved by today's popular platforms such as the difficulty of managing their own stores, the cost of maintaining online stores, the unavailability of payment gateways that process payments faster and fewer fees, etc. Which makes it difficult for wholesale entrepreneurs or manufacturers to distribute their products to a wider market.

Such problems are being faced by today's wholesale or producer entrepreneurs, and making people reluctant to open their own online store.

Guariums exist to address problems in the e-Commerce marketplace through platforms that enable the distribution of products owned by wholesalers or manufacturers in the best and easiest way. The Guarium was developed by Grzegorz Ciupek, who has 20 years of experience in business and now intends to create a platform that will simplify the distribution of products owned by wholesalers or producers through secure and transparent blockchain technology.
Blockchain Technology
Guariums use blockchain technology in its development, as it is known that blockchain technology has been widely implemented in industries around the world, in particular, the financial industry and e-Commerce because this technology is able to reduce costs and create a decentralized and transparent system for users.

By using blockchain technology, Guarium is able to create an e-Commerce Automation platform that has its own payment gateway and economic system through GuarCoin tokens issued by the Guarium platform, and also enables more protection for user-owned data.

Solutions Offered by Guarium
  • The e-Commerce Automation engine
  • Full Dropshipping
  • Advanced affiliate engine
  • Personal financial infrastructure

In Conclusion
Guarium aims to create an e-Commerce Automation platform that will simplify the process of distributing products owned by wholesalers and manufacturers to the market in the best and efficient way with little effort on their part, as well as an e-commerce platform that will address the problems in the market e-Commerce, such as payment, affiliate, and others.
With this opportunity, Guarium invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Guarium will release the Token under the name “GUAR Token”, here is the data.