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Enkronos - A Fully Trusted Blockchain Credit System for Ethic Data Driven Campaigns

Enkronos is a platform that develops Enkronos Apps, a unique multi-application database that allows access to a variety of different applications ranging from marketing, promotion, AI / AR engagement, to IoT + AI predictions. The solution offered by the Enkronos platform targets health markets, financial services, manufacturing, retail, up to startup, and will be able to solve public confidence issues such as the newly acquired Cambridge Analytica case through secure and transparent blockchain technology.

Getting Started Development
Since its first appearance, blockchain technology has brought many changes across industries such as providing secure and unmanageable databases in the healthcare industry, to smart-contract systems that help record and store all transactions made by both parties in the financial industry. And now, more and more industries are interested in this technology because of the solutions and benefits it offers.

Implementation of blockchain technology is mostly found on digital platforms that require access to secure, efficient and inexpensive payment and database services. But the digital platform requires a complex blockchain technological structure to enhance the features it offers.

The case of abuse of personal data from Facebook users by Cambridge Analytica shows that the vulnerability of the system used today and how much harm is caused not only in terms of material but also the decline in the level of public confidence in the services they use.

Enkronos is a platform that develops Enkronos Apps, which provides access to a variety of different and unique applications from marketing, promotion, to AI / AR engagement accessible through this platform. Enkronos Apps is fully supported by blockchain technology, which makes it run with decentralized, more secure and transparent system for users.

The mission of the Enkronos platform is to create a secure and transparent blockchain-based accountability system, as well as fully running decentralized systems that can be trusted for campaign, project and marketing purposes. And be a platform that protects and secures data or privacy owned by its users.

Solution Offered by Enkronos
Here are some of the solutions offered by the Enkronos platform;
  • Centralized user database.
  • Universal billing system.
  • Loyalty campaigns and its management.
  • Multiple contest creation channels.
  • Digital ticketing and distribution of passes.
  • Couponing.
  • E-voting and E-Democracy.
  • IoT Wide area sensor monitoring.
  • Location tracking.
  • Augmented reality engagement.
  • AI support on your decision making.
  • Gaming platform.
  • Crowdsourcing.
  • Combined popular Ad management.
  • In depth report generation of owning data
  • Custom, third party, application creation and integration

In Conclusion
Enkronos aims to develop applications that help create a blockchain-based accountability system that runs with decentralized systems, which users can trust for campaign, project and marketing purposes through marketing and business ethics that safeguard their users' data or privacy through blockchain technology.
With this opportunity, Enkronos invite you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Enkronos will release the Token under the name “ENK Token”, here is the data.