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World Bit Bank - The World's First Legal Cryptocurrency Bank

World Bit Bank is a cryptocurrency banking platform aimed at providing users with a secure cryptocurrency banking service that has the same features and legality as traditional banking in general. World Bit Bank has features such as debit cards, exchange, leasing company, and others, which will meet the needs of users in financial services. The purpose of the World Bit Bank is to create a legitimate cryptocurrency banking, to have functions like most traditional banks, and to assist in the use of cryptocurrency by the wider community in their daily lives.

Getting Started Development
Banking is one industry that is currently experiencing significant growth over time, but today's traditional banking services have outdated technology and are prone to crime such as data manipulation or theft of money. Not to mention the high transaction costs and the long transaction process makes traditional banking services today need to be updated to renewable technologies, such as blockchain. As it is known that blockchain technology is one of the current renewable technologies that have been implemented in various fields such as industry, health, marketplace, and others. Because this technology promises transparency and anti to data manipulation, as well as a more minimal cost burden.

World Bit Bank is here to tackle the problems in today's banking services by combining blockchain technology and traditional banking systems, which results in a convenient, secure, minimal transactional, and transparent banking service for users. World Bit Bank has the same functionality, features, and legality of traditional banking services today, but the difference is from additional technologies and features developed to overcome the loopholes created in traditional banking. World Bit Bank / World Bit Group is registered in the jurisdiction with license number FRK000019, FVR000027, and plans to expand its business expansion to various countries in the world.
Solutions Offered by WBB
Here are some solutions offered by World Bit Bank;
  • Absolute Transboundariness
  • Cross-platform nature
  • Easy usage
  • Instantaneousness of transactions
  • Fund always under control of the client
  • Low or zero transaction charges
  • High security
  • API
  • Full Transparency
  • Authentication

Features Offered by WBB
  • Cryptocurrency on Visa / MasterCard
  • Cashback and Loyalty Programs
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Leasing Company
  • Accepting any cryptocurrency on payment
  • Digital Wallet
  • Trust Management of Cryptocurrency Portfolio

In Conclusion
World Bit Bank is a cryptocurrency banking platform set up with a combination of blockchain and traditional banking technologies, aimed at addressing current issues in banking services, such as data manipulation, high transaction costs, and creating a renewable banking service, easy to use, safe, and transparent. Solutions offered by World Bit Bank such as cross-platform nature, High security, Authentication, and others, which will meet the needs of users for secure financial services, minimal transaction costs, and ease of use. World Bit Bank has the vision to fill the gap in traditional banking services today and help us to use cryptocurrency in everyday life.
With this opportunity, World Bit Bank invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. World Bit Bank will release the Token under the name "Token", here is the data.