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HASHRENTAL - First Decentralized Hashing Power Marketplace "NICEHASH KILLER"

HASHRENTAL is a cryptocurrency mining platform that offers a renewable solution in the provision of decentralized hashing power marketplace available and can be used by the global public. The solution offered by the HASHRENTAL platform is the provision of a marketplace hashing power or so-called HashRental marketplace that connects sellers and buyers hashing power in a place more efficiently and faster. All transactions by both parties (sellers and buyers) within the HASHRENTAL platform will be secured by using a decentralized smart contract and escrow system, enabling users to transact more safely and conveniently.

Getting Started Development
Currently, cryptocurrency mining has experienced significant growth in recent years with an average consumption of 0.13% of the world's electricity output, making this industry in demand by many people around the world. Even according to estimates of crypto energy consumption data increased by 29.98% over the past month, and possibly the consumption of crypto energy will be greater than some countries around the world. This increase in electricity consumption is influenced by increasing hashing power in the world, and today many miners benefit from leasing their hashing power. But there are serious problems that miners are concerned about with the security of the services they use, such as Nicehash and e-commerce controlled Quant malware that has cost millions of users money. Problems such as data theft and system break-ins are one of the disadvantages of centralized systems typically used by today's popular services.

HASHRENTAL is here to address this problem by offering a decentralized cryptocurrency mining service that is globally safe for users. HASHRENTAL allows sellers and buyers hashing power to transact safely and faster through the decentralized HashRental marketplace. All transactions will be secured by using Smart contract and escrow system so that the user can transact safely and comfortably without worrying about the disturbance from the unauthenticated party.

Innovative Structure of Marketplace
HASHRENTAL offers an innovative marketplace solution that combines smart-contract features and all sections in a reliable and smart system. Within this market, there are components like "Redirecting mining system" that will divert the seller Yasin power to a smart pool ("HashRental mining system") or to "Hashing power auto distribution". This marketplace does not have a balance feature, all transactions made by users will be directly processed using smart contract system and Smart system management will oversee the activity at the launch of the contract.

In Conclusion
HASHRENTAL is a cryptocurrency mining platform that has a solution in the provision of a decentralized hashing power marketplace that will address issues in mining cryptocurrencies such as security and service efficiency. The solutions provided by the HASHRENTAL platform such as Marketplace, profit from mining, and profits from rent, which will help users in securing the advantages of mining cryptocurrency safely and more easily. The vision of HASHRENTAL is to provide a reliable, secure, easy, and more profitable mining cryptocurrency service for users globally.
With this opportunity, HASHRENTAL invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. HASHRENTAL will release the Token under the name "LUHN Token", here is the data.