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Sponsy- Decentralizing Sponsorships

Sponsy is a Platform that focuses on providing and developing service sponsorships, based on Blockchain technology. Sponsy provides opportunity sponsorship to every type of business, which will be very beneficial to the development of the business. Sponsy runs using a decentralized system, which will be very secure and transparent for users.
Getting Started Development
Sponsy was created on the premise of some concerned with the industry sponsorships and intends to turn it in a better direction. By seeing good opportunities in Blockchain technology and pre-existing experience, a service called Sponsy, which will provide a better and safer sponsorships service. With support from the Sponsy App, Sponsy will make sponsorships easier. Sponsy provides a feature where users can communicate directly with partner sponsorships via chat via a user-friendly interface. Sponsy will directly become the organizer of sponsorships activities, as well as sponsoring the opportunity to get their brand or place professionally. The event organizer will be able to see the prices in real time through the features provided by Sponsy, with this the event's organizer can determine the number of costs to be incurred. Event organizers will be able to directly see the different types of sponsorships and then choose directly according to the cost they are calculating. With this, then the user is not stuck with the affairs of difficult sponsorships. Sponsy also works with various parties such as experts, lawyers, and designers, who can be used to address issues related to sponsorships activities. Sponsy develops a token called SPS, which can be used by users to transact or trade in exchanges. This token will run by using the ERC 20 Ethereum-Blockchain system. Sponsy can be used globally, so Sponsy opens a good opportunity for sponsorships. Sponsy will be a solution related to the problems facing the sponsorships industry today.
About Blockchain
The blockchain is an immutable public ledger that records digital transactions. This technology was first introduced by an anonymous individual under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and has since revolutionized the way we conduct currency transactions worldwide. Blockchain enables trust to be distributed throughout a network, without the need for a central authority to track, verify and approve the digital exchange of value. It operates as a decentralized distributed database, maintaining a continuously growing list of records divided up into blocks. Legacy will take advantage of this technology to be decentralized and place its trust in its users. The blockchain is a fairly new technology and it is still in active development, improvements are happening continuously, and it has become more efficient and secure than the traditional antiquated systems, which is why banks, government, and other institutions are adopting the technology. Blockchain technology allows for time-tested, data, and attention. The current protocol aligns the interests of all stakeholders in the media consumption cycle to create a network effect that encourages adoption. By creating new exchange media, Consumers get more choices about how they pay for media; Creators and Receivers get new forms of compensation, and Advertisers get more transparent accounting and audience information. The protocol interacts with the current platinum in addition to other host media networks. It introduces new revenue streams and inefficient mechanisms for host networks that provide the ability to scale effectively. Over time, donors will utilize the identity profile created for future blockchain-based systems.
In Conclusion
Sponsy believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, Sponsy can provide Users with a safe and transparent sponsorship service, and provide users with various benefits and conveniences. Team Sponsy also believes that with systematic and professional development, Team Sponsy can build a better platform than similar platforms.
With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name "SPS Token", here is the data.
WEB: https://www.sponsy.org/
WHITEPAPER: https://www.sponsy.org/sponsy_wp_en.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/sponsy_en
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sponsyApp
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sponsy/
BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1112636